Location, development and organisation

The area of the Nature Park is growing.

Protection areas in all directions

The Bavarian Forest Nature Park is situated in the south-east of Germany, between the Danube and the ridge forming the Bavarian-Bohemian border.

The Bavarian Forest National Park to the east, the Landscape Protection Area and the Sumava National Park on the Czech side and the Upper Bavarian Forest Nature Park to the north are all neighbours of the Bavarian Forest Nature Park.


It all started back in 1967

Existing since 1967 the Bavarian Forest Nature Park is one of the oldest Nature Parks in Bavaria. To start with it only comprised the former rural district of Regen. After the reform of the area in 1972 it encompassed the whole district of Regen and the former rural district of Viechtach. In 1979/80 parts of the Deggendorf and Straubing-Bogen districts north of the Danube were added. Since 1996 several municipalities within the district of Freyung-Grafenau have also joined the Nature Park.


Organisation is vital for a Nature Park

The Nature Park is supported by the Bavarian Forest Nature Park Inc., a nonprofitmaking organisation. In addition to the rural districts and municipalities in which the park is situated, there are associations and societies and also private persons who are members of this organisation. The work of the Nature Park is carried out in accordance to its constitution, the Nature Park Sponsorship Guidelines and the Nature Park Regulation, released in 1986. Protection areas (approximately corresponding to a landscape protection area) and non protection areas, the so called development zones are written into the constitution.